BTTP videos

We’ve done all sorts over the years, from TV shows to unplugged session to promotional videos. Some of the best are up here.

  • Where Has Our Soul Gone Video

    Where Has Our Soul Gone – Promo Directed by Dalia & Fil Walters & Back To The Planet, Edited by Dalia Smaitzye (Dal Gene)
  • Kick Out Promo Video

    Kick Out – Promo Directed by Back To The Planet & Dalia Smaitzyte (Dal Gene) at Overdrive studio Deptford in one day on a couple of decent cameras and phones Read More
  • The King John Peckham 1989

    BTTP @ The King John Peckham 1989 The King John pub was in Peckham in South London opposite the squatted Dole house where we used to play and rehearse. We Read More
  • Please Don't Fight Video

    BTTP Please Don’t Fight Video 1993 After signing to London records we embarked on recording the Mind and Soul Collaborators LP and with that came a few promo videos, the Read More
  • Back To The Planet - Daydream

    BTTP Daydream Promo Video Utterly dodgy video of BTTP performing Daydream ( their big hit…not ) on the rooftops of a building in S London, we were miming of course Read More
  • Back To The Planet - Ghost Town

    God told us to do it, or was it C4 I can’t remember! Anyway we were asked to do a cover of Ghost town which is one of our band Read More
  • Back to the Planet - The Word C4 - 1993

    Probably the best live TV thing we EVER did. We were nervous but we utterly smashed it! I’d seen Rage Against the Machine on The Word previously, not sure if Read More
  • New Age Travellers

    New Age Travelers We all did the hippy traveler thing back in the 90’s, some more than others. Some people moved on the road, had kids and stayed there, others Read More