BTTP @ The King John Peckham 1989

The King John pub was in Peckham in South London opposite the squatted Dole house where we used to play and rehearse. We used to go over to the pub for drinks occasionally and the super friendly, buxom landlady offered us all to come over and play. So we brought the sound system, all the gear and set up in the pub. It was largely a West Indian local so lot’s of old guys drinking Guinness, playing dominoes, who seemed to enjoy the spectacle of some crazy squatter kids with dreads and boots and playing reggae punk and ska in their pub.

The Rotterdam gig I honestly don’t remember, but I suspect it was organised by Yan from Der Media which was a club in Eeklo Belgium that we used to play at. I hope I’ve got that right. It’s a long time ago.

Then there are more recent shows, from when we got back together, sadly we don’t have much footage of the very early days, there were no iPhones so filming was a lot more hassle and we just didn’t think in these social media terms in those days. If you were there, you were there. If you weren’t, then well….you missed it really.

It was fun, good times, enjoy the vids.