Previously the first three tracks were released as a benefit for Palestine on Bandcamp now the whole E.P. is available for download and streaming.

War Cry is a 9 track E.P, of three brand new songs now completed with additional dub mixes from Guy and Henry, with absolutely storming remixes/reworks by legendary UK Dub act Zion Train and further bonus beat remixes by Guy and Henry.

We are not the most prolific band in the universe, we know that, but we are so happy to finally put out this special E.P. This was recorded live in 3 days at Ranscombe studios in Rochester, a proper old school studio run by Jim Riley.

Zion train have turned in some fantastic mixes in their true UK digital dub steppas style and we have a couple of other bonus beat mixes of our own to add a little more spice to the whole thing.

The title track “War Cry” is a dark brooding dub track with dub inspired trumpets and a political message for all of us which resonates particularly in this time of war, particularly in Gaza. “Shot Me Down” is a personal message with a heavy rock vibe with space keyboard madness, and “You’re Gone” is a funky rock track with a melancholic reflective message.