The Radical Planet Shock after tour rundown.

Well the tour has been and gone, it was absolutely amazing! I think it genuinely took us all by surprise just how much all the bands enjoyed hanging out and working as a team. The gig venues were varied, from traditional “rock” venues such as Audio in Glasgow, Brudnell Social Club in Leeds & Fiddlers In Bristol, to a makeshift art gallery in Birmingham and Pub gigs (Edinburgh, New Cross & Dorchester). Each night came with its own set of interesting Parking restrictions, tricky onstage drumkit manoeuvres, dressing room hopping and swapping, foot long cheese sandwiches & dangerous amounts of Jack Daniels.

All the bands stepped up to plate and got on with the job in hand. We even had a couple of cancellations very close to the beginning of the tour ( we are still talking about sorting out the Sheffield gig ) but nothing managed to dull the vibe of what was quite rightly dubbed the Radical Planet Shock tour.

Will we do it again? Yes, quite possibly so, although Back To The Planet will be taking time off the road in 2019 to write and record a new L.P. which is something that has been on our minds for quite a few months now, since the success of the Kick Out E.P. in 2016. So we may not be fully back out on the road until 2020. Although a couple of gigs have already come our way.

We even managed to record some of the gigs using a Behringer X32 desk connected via USB to a laptop. In the end this gave us a 16 Channel multitrack recording of what was possibly the best gig of the whole tour in Exeter at the Cavern. BTTP, RDF and Culture Shock were all recorded and were all on top form. The BTTP gig is on this page, the other bands are in possession of their mixes & stems and it’s up to them what they want to do with them, If they choose to put them online we’ll share them here too, or maybe a CD or something like that… Who knows?

Here’s the Recording:

Here’s a gallery of pics: