New Songs New Tunes New Music!

Yes you read it right! After 20 years of the same old songs we have finally written some new tracks and they are not half bad, even though we say so our selves. For our new material we have delved into the arena of Drum & Bass, with 2 tracks entitled “Kick Out” and Where Has Our Soul Gone” then moved into slinky pop ska territory with “Lighten the Load” then ducked out of the storm, avoided the missiles of the past and put together a wild jazzy skankabilly fusion jam called “We Let Go”. Sound good?

So far we’ve only played 3 gigs this year, but more are being planned for next year and we are in the middle of recording these tracks in our home studios which should hopefully become available by Xmas or thereabouts. We’ll be promoting them by gigging a bit more frequently next year so come and check us out. So far, in the pipeline, we have Bearded Theory festival, a date in London at the Lexington, and Alchemy, nothing 100% confirmed just as yet but confirmations are imminent.

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