We had the most amazing time at the dole house reunion gig! It was in the Peckham Palais and none of use have been there for many years, Sound System was by Recknaw and Bex did a great job keeping everyone’s sound under control, just about everyone was there, a few missing faces from the old crew but it was great to run into so many people albeit breifly in many cases. Big Al made an appearance and launched himself up onstage with us just like the old days! knocked everything over and unplugged Fraggle instantly, oh how we laughed! Still we played a great gig, and it was an honour to once again share the stage ( and drumkit ) with The Sea, Dread Messiah and RDF. A great night, I hope we have another soon. There was a Virus Sound System rave going on upstairs too, and Henry the Drummer went up there with Geezer to play under their techno psuedonymns Dave the Drummer and guess what….Geezer. Top banana all round, funky Alex Holland and Sarah Morton, Julian Ruditsky, Soo, Bev, Spike, Big Al, Crocker, Bevan, Mark, and everyone else you know who you are thanks for making it a superb evening. Let’s do it again sometime!