Hi Everyone

As you probably realised the band is no longer together.
We parted ways and played our last gig officially at Equinox festival September 2021.

We all felt it was time, we had a good run, we enjoyed getting back together and making some new music, but it was time for us all to move on. We’ve each gone on to do our own thing whetever that is, you’ll still see us bodding around at festivals and so on, playing in other bands or DJing or just hanging out.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us, for all their love and support, for allowing us to sleep on their floors, for helping out with our music and merch, for getting us record deals with posh record companies, putting up with us in the studio and on the tour bus and of course to all the bands we have played with and gigs and festivals we played over the years.

We had a wonderful time