2020 What’s Going On?

COVID-19 has brought the world to a standstill. Just about every walk of life has been affected by this new strain of the Coronavirus, it’s been impossible to ignore it, the entire world has gone into some form of freefall meltdown.

Without wanting to get into any kind of political posting here on our web site I’ll just suffice to say that everything BTTP had planned for the not too distant future is on hold.

You may have noticed we haven’t been playing so much of late, partly due to personal reasons of various members of the band and also practical issues with dates and bookings.

We had an amazing couple of gigs at the beginning of the year with Culture Shock and RDF at the PPOrtland Arms Cambridge and the Fox & Firkin in London and between the three bands we came up with an idea of a joint LP with some live stuff and some new studio songs. So this is exciting news, but of course, all on hold for now while we socially distance ourselves from each other to slow the spread of the infection.

So until things get back on track all we can say from BTTP HQ is stay well and safe. Look after your family and your loved ones and keep dreaming of better times, it will all come back soon enough and we will see you at a festival soon for sure.

In the meantime there is limited stock available in the shop, the post is still running thank goodness, so feel free to pick up a CD or a shirt.

Stay Safe out there – BTTP XX