New Songs New Tunes New Music

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New Songs New Tunes New Music!

Yes you read it right! After 20 years of the same old songs we have finally written some new tracks and they are not half bad, even though we say so our selves. For our new material we have delved into the arena of Drum & Bass, with 2 tracks entitled “Kick Out” and Where Has Our Soul Gone” then moved into slinky pop ska territory with “Lighten the Load” then ducked out of the storm, avoided the missiles of the past and put together a wild jazzy skankabilly fusion jam called “We Let Go”. Sound good?

So far we’ve only played 3 gigs this year, but more are being planned for next year and we are in the middle of recording these tracks in our home studios which should hopefully become available by Xmas or … Read More »

Earzone Friendly Cassette LP

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Earzone Friendly Cassette EP -1990

We finally got round to recording our old tapes and sticking them up on Soundcloud the other day. Earzone friendly was the first of our tape LPs, it was recorded on a 4 track Fostex cassette player at the dole house with a bunch of borrowed mics and bits and bobs belonging to our great engineer Simon Birch.

Simon later worked with us on the Warning The Public cassette LP and helped remix a few tracks after that. He was our live engineer too for quite a few gigs and an infamous disaster tour of Spain. Guy’s keyboard was a Casio home organ, and we had been together for about 6 months by this time.

The Dole house was a squatted Unemployment Benefit Office in Peckham South London, and we played there many¬† times over the 18 months … Read More »

Warning the Public Cassette LP

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Warning the Public Cassette LP – 1991

Warning the public was the second cassette LP released by BTTP. It was released in 1991 with home made artwork and was the best selling tape we made, this tape turned up in traveler’s buses, vehicles and on sites all over the UK and contains all the best Planet songs.

It was recorded at Steve’s place in Sydenham. while Steve family were away we set up in the front room of the house with a hired Fostex 16 track recorder and bashed through the set in a couple of days. The results were mixed by Steve, Henry and Bev, over night and the mixes although OK were not really up to scratch.

So we called in Simon Birch, trooped of to New Cross to a small studio close to Fordham park, and transferred all … Read More »

News From Back To The Planet

Waffle, gigs songs and other nonsense from the outer limits of BTTP.

Boomtown 2017 Devil Kicks Dancehall

Yes peeps, this year we play the almighty festival that is Boomtown.

If you haven’t been to this festival yet then you absolutely should!

3 days...

Kick Out T Shirts In The Shop

Fantastic new shirts are now in stock, Black shirts with yellow kick out logo

Or the opposite, yellow shirts with black logo, all for a...

New CDS in the shop

We now have CD copies of the old BTTP LP originally released by London records “Mind and Soul Collaborators”

and the BTTP “Potted History”¬†...

Gigs 2017
So far confirmed gigs for 2017:

13th April- LONDON SKA FESTIVAL with Misty In Roots – Islington London 26 – 28th May BEARDED THEORY FESTIVAL –...