Back To The Planet – Kick Out EP

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Back To The Planet

Kick Out EP – Buy On Our Shop

Back to the Planet are an independent, hard to define, dub, crusty, punk, ska band who started their career in the squats of London and on the Free Festival circuit in the golden era of the new age travelers in the late 1980’s.

They have been reformed since 2008 and have been playing a handful of Festivals and packed out London dates every year.

The band stepped up their game this year with the recording of an EP of 4 blazing new tracks, which were recorded in the studios of two of the members of the band who have both gone on to work as well known electronic music producers. Naturally some of that influence is in the recording, but this is a live performing band, and the record is intended to sound like the band as they are live.

Kick Out: The title track is a storming no nonsense drum and bass inspired groove track, with driving keyboard bass wobbles and heavy bass grooves, breaking into razor sharp guitar led half time chorus. The lyrics are pinpointing greed, corruption, poverty and power.

Lighten The Load: A melodic grooving ska track, with a hip hop piano, uplifting guitar riffs and some deep insights about getting older and feeling insecure.

Where Has Our Soul Gone: More liquid style drum and bass rhythms this time, with a deep dubby bassline, ska guitar and techno keyboards. Socially conscious lyrics push the idea that out society has become soulless and uncaring.

We Let Go: A romping tom tom beat with an almost Jazz/Rockabilly chorus, tempting us to Let go and enjoy our lives.

We hope you enjoy these tracks, it has been great fun making them.

Kick Out EP
Catalog number: BTTP005
Format: 12” Vinyl, Digital MP3 & WAV, CD
Sales from: Website , All main digital stores, Independent record stores, Gigs


A Side

Kick Out – 04:00
Lighten The Load – 03:03

B Side

Where Has Our Soul Gone – 03:56
We Let Go – 02:48

All songs written and arranged by Back To The Planet : Fil Walters, Carl Hendrickse, Guy McAffer, David Fletcher, Henry Cullen.

Recorded at Geezer Studios and The Punishment Farm. Engineered and Mixed by Guy McAffer and Henry Cullen.

Copyright Arthur Mix Records 2016.
Published by Leek & Potato/Westbury Music.

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Back To The Planet – Kick Out EP

Back To The Planet Kick Out EP – Buy On Our Shop

Back to the Planet are an independent, hard to define, dub, crusty, punk, ska...

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